Let's Face the FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of staying at Liberty Lodging?

Most extended stay travelers can attest that week after week in a dorm or a hotel room is exhausting and isolating. Liberty Lodging seeks to alleviate the stresses of travel with comfortable, yet inspiring accommodations. We also invite all of our guests to become part of the family through our biweekly hosted socials.


Along with the mental health benefits, guests will also see financial and physical health benefits. The cost of groceries and home-cooked meals is typically much lower than the cost of eating out every night. Each of our suites offers a fully-furnished kitchen that allows guests to make homemade, cost-effective meals rather than reverting to fast food or expensive restaurants. Each of our rooms also has access to a gym for 24/7 workouts.


Finally, Liberty Lodging is only a short distance from major military, corporate and government locations. This allows for short commute times, and easy carpooling arrangements. If you have questions about transportation, just ask! We will be happy to give you a hand.


Who stays at Liberty Lodging?

Unlike a cramped hotel, our corporate lodging company specializes in roomy and stylish extended-stay suites.  We typically accommodate travelers coming to Wright-Patterson AFB, students coming to Wright State University, medical professionals that are in-residence or attending at a nearby hospital, and professional travelers who are in the Dayton area for an extended-stay and wish to have the comforts of home.


What are your rates?

As low as you need us to go - outside of our published rates, we match the per-diem provided by your employer. If you work for a military organization or a corporate entity, ask us about our group discounts. You might qualify for a premium rate based on government travel regulations or other government/corporate reimbursement plans! 


Can I bring my spouse or significant other, and family?

Yes! Rooms are reserved on a first come, first serve basis so this cannot always be guaranteed. Please call us if you plan on bringing the whole family so we can prepare the proper accommodations.


Can I bring my Pets?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets to stay at our locations at this time unless they are a service animal. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns.


What is GreenStay Cleaning?

Liberty Lodging is committed to helping preserve our environment. One way in which we do this is by limiting our local footprint. By only washing linens and towels every two weeks for extended stay travelers, we are able to drastically reduce the amount of water wasted per week. 

(Government Only) How much will I be reimbursed on my TDY?

The JFTR DoD regulation states “If DoD lodging facilities or preferred commercial lodging is available and a traveler chooses to stay in other commercial lodging, reimbursement is limited to the amount the Government would have paid if the traveler stayed in a DoD lodging facility or a participating preferred commercial lodging property.” Liberty Lodging is an extended stay option that has been working with government travelers for years. All of our rooms meet the requirements set forth by current GSA standards. We proudly match or beat the authorized per diem rates that you have been issued and hope to make your TDY memorable. Most of us served in the military, and when possible we are glad to save organizations money. Make sure to ask us about our large group discounts as well.