Not Your Typical Hotel.

Don't just experience your stay, EXPERIENCE it.

Extended stays, redefined.

Liberty Lodging does not offer hotel-in-a-box stays.

However, we do offer you the time of your life and a mug to go with it.

You can expect coffee,

comfy beds,

and creative luxury.

You asked for excellence, we raised the bar.

Come prepared for luxe details, spacious rooms,

fully-furnished kitchens and a community of top-notch people. 

American Way Suites

American Way Suites

Aviation Place Suites

Aviation Place Suites

Juneau Avenue Suites

Juneau Avenue Suites

Leo Lane Suites

Leo Lane Suites

North Ramp Suites

North Ramp Suites

Pluto Pass Suites

Pluto Pass Suites

River Street Suites

River Street Suites

Shangri-La Suites

Shangri-La Suites

Why should

you break from the norm?

Because monotony is boring.
And because we're giving you a chance to build great relationships, great experiences and really great stories.
Here's our pitch to you:


Each of our rooms comes with a plush queen bed, 42" TV, study desk, and personal bathroom. Oh, and each one is unique and completely Insta-worthy.


All suites are connected to a shared living room and kitchen. No more making coffee in the bathroom, wasting way too many dollars on fast food and wishing you had somewhere to sit besides your bed.


Extended stays in a normal hotel turn even friendly people into the common hermit—nowhere to go, no friends to go with and no money to spare. Don't be that person, join our Liberty Socials every two weeks, first round of drinks and appetizers is on us.

So, is Liberty Lodging the extended stay for you?

Easy answer, yes.

But, if you need to think about it, keep these tidbits in mind:

Liberty Lodging is a great option for both military and government personnel who are at Wright Patterson Air Force Base for long term training or work. Why? We're veteran owned, we are only one mile from Wright Patt, and we match or beat per diem rates.

Here for medical travel, no problem! We'll make sure your group has luxury accommodations and killer recommendations for dinner because everyone needs a few hours away from the job. And happy hour, everyone needs happy hour.

If you don't fit those molds, no worries, we work with professional extended stay travelers in the Dayton area and dare you to try and find another place that compares. Double dog dare.

We said it.


Liberty Lodging


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Kettering, OH 45429


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